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 • Bulky Baby | เจ้าตัวแน่น  2020

Materials : Porcelain, 1250°C
Dimension : H7 W4.5 D4.5 cm (average)


These miniature creatures represent how fragile and delicate the nature is. When the nature beings find it hard to live among us, I speak out for them through their aesthetic that inspires me. Hopefully, the value goes back to them.



Bulky Baby 2.jpg
Bulky Baby 4.jpg
Bulky Baby 3.jpg


Each of them will come with glass cloche and base which is made by glass, acrylic. The dimension of the protection is H16.5 W9 D9 cm. (The middle one)

If you would like to see more detail of them or interesting in the pieces. Please contact me directly by sending email to or go to contact.

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