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 • einsect | อิ๊เเม่ง  2016, jan 10-31


we are einsect.

we are solidified yet fragile. That's why some of us were stillborn.

we endeavor to mimic things around us.

we camouflage at secrets niche or hidden corners.

we conceal ourselves from noisy track and a lack of carefulness.

see our shapes when you look around.

hear our sound when you close your eyes.

when you find us,

please hold your breath and read closer.

we will live here for a while

then we will be out of your sight.


on the exhibition opening day,

we would like to play a game,

einsect hunt.

use your camera as a net,

to photograph as to catch,

light your flashlight to see us clearly.

send all photos to

one of us will travel with you

who is the first to discover all 16 of einsect.

einsect installation at waleyart,

einsect's friends,

einsect's scale,


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