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 Artist's Statement 


      Are tiny lives valued? In the world that civilization is the most worthy artifact, smaller creatures seem to lose their value just because they does not fit in such environment. The project started from here.

      I always believe that human lives deeply affiliate with nature. As a part of the mother earth, human grows from it, lives on it and reproduces to give back to it. Yet, human creates civilization to destroy what human was given. We start to see insect as an enemy because it destroys our crops then our buildings when it actually indicates our sufficiency of lives. I still see it as a friend, the most wonderful friend with delicate tiny details that were given by nature just like us. The forms, colors and textures are so breathtaking.

      When I had a chance to do a project on my own as an intern at Tao Hong Tai ceramic factory, the idea was rushed to my mind that I could show the contrast of the context between the factory that produce big jars and my miniature work. From years of insects observation, they were crystallized into my first tiny project. After that, the second and later projects came along. At the time I went deeper into it, I tend to focus more on delicate forms, details and
decorations than the actual concept behind the work. I still experiment on various technique to get the shapes and elements that I want and push it further beyond its limitation.

      These miniature creatures represent how fragile and delicate the nature is. When the nature beings find it hard to live among us, I speak out for them through their aesthetic that inspires me. Hopefully, the value goes back to them.



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